Our Story

Happify was founded in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic. At that time people are having a hard time in life. People are far apart or maybe even apart from their loved ones, feeling home sick and missing the warmth of people we love. Happify was created by two vibrant and warm people with this problem. They experience a problem of wanting to give their friends a gift but they don't want to be another cookie cutter gift, they started making their own! Started giving and sharing to their friends, eventually people asked why not sell them? They started selling and people love it.

At the beginning they sell to close friends, without long people come far and wide from all over Indonesia to order. From Aceh to Papua people ordered from all around, even though the founders and our team are millennials people from different generations started to order and give to their loved ones!

We are grateful for every story we see, and every feedback we get is so heartwarming.

The person who gives a birthday gift to their dad.

The person who wears our Fajamas with their kids.

Wearing our socks and making a laugh while they go cycling with their crew.

Every smile.

Every laugh.

Every story.

It is very special to us and every story keeps us going and making our effort of giving you the best more enjoyable.

Thank you for being great and thank you for making us part of your life. 


We are proud of making you unforgettable.


Yours truly, 

Fariza Yahya

Chief-Executive Officer Happify